Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tuesday humor

Everyday, we all should laugh. It makes you feel good. It makes others feel good. Did you ever try just smiling for a full minute, for no good reason? I guarantee, it will elevate your mood. Even if it's a bad mood, it will be a bit better for smiling through it.

So many songs have been written about laughing though tears; smile, though your heart is breaking, etc.  How about a few about the fun of laughter?  Can't think of too many just now.  Maybe you can. Let me know!

I've heard compliants about jokes people share on Facebook. Sure, it might get to be too much at times, but you have to admit, a smile or a laugh is far better to skim over than misery, complaint or dismal news. 

So, here's my laugh for today. I especially like the funny hat. Here's to funny hats!

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