Friday, January 10, 2014

I've been published!

Soft Dolls and Animals has published my Flat Felicity article in their Feb/Mar 2014 issue. I'm so excited!
It all started with a swap on Doll Street Dreamers. Our online doll club decided to do a Flat Stanley Round Robin. Our group has doll artists all over the world joining in. We each made a flat doll, designed to go in an envelope with a journal to accompany it on the journey. Each month, we get a doll, add one item to it, write in the journal and send it along to the next person. It may be a year before we get our well traveled dolls back! Oh the things they will do and the places they will see!

Flat Felicity is based on the doll I put into my envelope. So now she is available to share with you, via the magazine. maybe you'll start your own swap? It's a lot of fun!


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