Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Polar bears heading your way!

I finally have my latest project ready to share with you. I am so excited! First, I made a whole gang of these little guys, to test out the method and make it as simple as possible, so that anyone can do it.
Somehow, the polar bear has been associated with Christmas. I guess they live near the North Pole, so they must know Santa, right? A better symbol than the penguin, which lives at the South pole!

Needle felting is fun and simple. Children can do it too, though not the very young. Under age ten would need adult supervision for sure. Felting needles are very sharp, that's why! This would be a good project to make together. The older person could do the actual felting needle work, while the little ones wrap the wool.

I am busy today, adding this to my web site and Etsy.

All you need is less than 1oz of wool fibre and a felting needle, some chenille stems and you are set to go! If you want one, I can put a kit together for you. Just send me an email through the web site!

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