Friday, November 8, 2013

After the mermaid contest this summer, Studio Galli gave me one extra video. So I thought a great way to give it away would be to one of the new members of Doll Street Dreamers. As you may know, Doll Street has an online doll club. members chat to each other daily, through our email journal. We have swaps and challenges. Last year our Wizard of Oz dolls went to Artistic Figures in Cloth Conference. They were well received, I can tell you.

What have I learned since I joined Doll Street's club 12 years ago? I have learned that there are so many different types of dolls out there, that many talented people at all levels of doll making are in the club. I've made online friends and met several of them in person since, all due to Doll Street. And of course, last September, I became the Grand Poobaa of Doll Street and took over the running of the site.

Now you don't have to be a member to buy a pattern or take a class from one of our talented designers, but I know you'll love the club and the camaraderie that I have found there. We have members from all over the world! The club has its own Clubhouse, with a library of articles and even free patterns! Members get special discounts from time to time, too!

So come on, won't you join us? You might be the one to win the DVD by Patti Medaris Culea! I've seen it and it is amazing!

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