Sunday, July 14, 2013

Steampunk fun!

This Saturday, I was a vendor at the Ottawa, Valley Crafts and Collectibles Show, along with my friend, artist Choleena DiTullio. Since we both love steampunk and had created art along the theme, we decided to dress the part.
I had created a corset and a bustle. Choleena had some fun antique jewellery for us to wear. I found a couple of vintage blouses to complete the outfits. We had a little rehearsal, organized our headgear and we were ready. I made a mini hat for a doll making demo I did last month. Choleena took it and gave it a makeover into a fascinator. 

Here are the results!

Here's a sample of Choleena's unique paper mosaics. 


  1. It looks like your dolls:)

  2. Thanks, Mary Ann! Yu should have been there!

  3. You both look super! Love the outfits and love the dolls!

  4. Excellent as always - luv the steampunk stuff too Edwina - like your outfit!
    Betty Anne

  5. You two look fantastic! Love the dolls and paper art. Shame you didn't sell anything. I have had that happen too.
    hugs Karen

  6. Yep. What can you do? Just carry on...

  7. You look fantastic! Both of you!!!


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