Monday, March 4, 2013

Bane of my existence

I have been bookkeeping for hours. Sorted out a glitch in my method which took a while. Paid my bills and didn't do anything creative today, except get my newsletter organised.

It was a welcome relief, to look at what other designers are doing, especially when I am not doing anything. Take Sherry Goshon. Her work has a beauty to it, a dreamy quality. I am organising a mermaid challenge (with prizes!) on Doll Street. Sherry stepped right up and offered her Tashina class. Isn't she a beauty? I'm inspired, even if I can't get near a mermaid today.

Visions of creations can dance in my head while I deliver rented costumes back to the theatre I borrowed them from...

What a day! Do you like month end?

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