Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday Musings

Since I took over Doll Street, I find myself pondering the marvellous variety of work that is displayed there. So much creativity!

Take this class by Linda Misa. Brink uses old stuff like lamp bases to create the new base for the doll. Up cycling old stuff. Such amazing imagination. Linda is very generous and offered members a discount on this class.

Then there are new designers to present. Nancy Leigh-Smith is a friend of mine and I have been encouraging her to get her work out to the world. So finally, I can present Sydney the sea horse. This cute little guy would be a great pattern just as is, but Nancy includes instructions on using free motion embroidery to create the fins. How cool is that? If you click the image, you can see the free motion fins.

I made a sale the day I put the pattern in the store! Nancy was pretty pleased about that!

I'm still learning Wordpress, which is the platform for the site. I was trying to adjust one little thing to update the shopping cart last week. I managed to get the whole of the store part of the site to disappear! Big scary moment! Luckily, Becki over at Quiltroplois has her hands on the steering wheel and set me back on track again. Thanks Becki!

I'm still looking for a Wordpress guru to guide me. Do you know one?

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