Friday, February 8, 2013

Knitting time

While I was at the Vogue Knitting Show in Chicago, I bought this lovely yarn. It is mohair and silk and feels so silky in the hand. It has been space dyed in turquoise with a shot of yellow. Delicious! How could I resist?

It came with a free pattern, which I found rather complex. It was a chart. I do better with a pattern that is written out. When even my expert knitter sister had trouble with it, I gave up. I came home and found this free pattern online. It's by Shelby Knits. Inspired by swirling water, that is definitely the feeling as I knit it, especially in these colours.

Here it is. It's pretty fine, so will take a while to knit. A few good movies should do the trick. Let's begin with Downton Abbey...

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