Friday, October 19, 2012

Packing for Chicago

So I'm packing for Chicago. I've been invited to be one of the guest artists at the Vogue Knitting Show next weekend. I am pretty excited, as you can imagine.
I have had a dress rehearsal of my display , in my studio. I will only get one table and a cloth.  As I am flying, there are limitations as to what I can take. One suitcase, 50lbs max weight. Of course, there's carry on, which extends things a bit. Risers, lights, signs, all these would be great to take, but they all add weight.
The dolls and vessels I shall take are not heavy individually, but 20 or so adds up. I had to come up with a lightweight riser that would collapse. I have used Ikea collapsible boxes before, but 10 of them gets heavy. So I made two shelves out of foam core, which I will spray black. I'll do a tutorial for these soon, promise! Since the dolls are not heavy, the foam core is adequate to hold my display.
Dr Ventricle's Tonic
Then there's the possibility of lost luggage. So, in comes carry on. I will carry several pieces with me, in the event that my big case is lost. It would be awful to arrive in Chicago with nothing. So, we'll call it carry on insurance! Then there's my sister, who is coming along to help. A great chance for some sister time! Plus, she's the big knit in the family (pardon the pun), so she'll enjoy the rest of the show. She is bringing along a few things for me. Trouble is, she gets on the plane in Toronto, so I can't give her any dolls. I'm flying from Ottawa on the same flight. Planning, planning. you can see where my mind has been lately, can't you?
Dr Con traption
Then there's which dolls to take? Nothing too delicate, so Dr Ventricle's Tonic must stay home. I just can't risk a broken bottle. Dr Con Traption is more hardy, though heavy, so he's allowed. The last piece pictured is Paverpol. I decided to leave Paverpol pieces at home. they are heavy, but also get mixed reception. Many people have done a Paverpol class by now and say the most odd things about my pieces. So, less rejection if I leave them at home. Oh! the delicate artist temperament!!
Wish me luck!

Paverpol piece "go"

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  1. Good Luck Edwina and have a great time. The foam core risers sound interesting. -Nancy


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