Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Making Faces

Sometimes you look at a doll you made ages ago and see it with new eyes. This is Catherine. She was created using my Emmeline cloth doll pattern. I am having a bookmark designed (because I'll be featured at the Vogue Knitting show in Chicago this October!!) and hers will be one of the faces featured on it. I needed to take a new photo, so took her down from the shelf. I was pleased with the pictures and sent them off to my friend, Choleena.

What struck me as new about this figure was her expression. She really has an attitude! She's dressed in 1812 costume and was based on a portrait I found. Don't ask me which one, it was a long time ago! The woman in the portrait had a faraway look of longing. Longing to escape her dull life, I thought. That's why I called her Catherine, thinking of Cathy from Wuthering Heights. Longing to run across the moors in search of freedom.

 Have you ever taken a second look and found something new? Have you ever run away in search of freedom?

By the way, please check out Choleena DiTullio's work. She's a fabulous artist!

If you want to create a Catherine yourself, the pattern is on my site: Emmeline Pattern


  1. Lovely doll. She has a wistful look.

  2. Thanks, Mary Ann It's so rwarding to see older pieces as still good, not faded in their glory!


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