Friday, July 6, 2012


It's been a busy couple of weeks at Casa Sutherland. My son had his prom, exams and commencement all in one week. Plus, the poor guy was packing for camp! Talk about pressure. We are very proud that he has graduated and is off to college in the Fall.

Below is my favourite dress from the girls at prom. It takes its inspiration for Haida designs and I think this girl stood out from the crowd of taffeta and frilly gowns. Note the matching hairstyle. Don't you agree?

Meanwhile, my online classes have begun. I am busy answering questions and keeping things rolling. You can still join either Yvette or Dance With The Stars by clicking the pictures on the left. Why not join me?

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  1. I agree...she looks stunning and she wears that dress well.

    Your son is very handsome:)


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