Friday, September 30, 2011

Far away

Far away

I haven't been blogging, but that doesn't mean I've been idle. My regular blog friends will know I was part of the West End Studio Tour the last two weekends, which kept me pretty busy! Then there was the clean up, putting away and getting my studio back in order. Then I got a Blackberry. Need I say more? The learning curve is pretty steep with these fancy gizmos. While my son feels I've finally entered the 21st Century, I think I was happier with my old plain phone. Still, it is nice to whittle down the email while waiting in a line.

Still, I did update the galleries on my web sites, so I am getting some stuff done online!! My fingernails are far too long, so my typing is a mess, but I keep on trucking!!
This piece is called Far Away. It's created using paverpol. I experimented with sheer silk for the sleeves and lace on the bodice. Both worked out very well, though the sleeves didn't set rock hard. I like her dreamy look, don't you?

She sits on a small shelf, which can be mounted on the wall. I'll put her on my Etsy store one of these days, I promise!!

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