Friday, May 6, 2011

Colleen Babcock class

Well, here I am in Ingersoll, Ontario. I travelled down with Sue Ann from Doll Club to attend Colleen Babcock's class. We are making her Stitch in Time doll. Sorry, No photos, as I left my camera at her place. Darn. I was going to show you how the head I made was coming along.

It's been a fun first day. I did well sewing the doll's head together and waited for the others to catch up. I made one little mistake, but it's okay. It will be hidden once the neck is in place! I made a start on the trim for the skirt of the costume.

We have a great group of women taking the class. 8 is a perfect number. It's at the home of Colleen's parents. Her Mum, Kitty, made us a lovely lunch today.

Having local connections has benefits. Colleen had the local craft store stay open so we could come by and pick up a few supplies. I spotted some nice frog closures. I bought them, as you never know when you'll find nice ones again. I may use them on the 1812 costumes I'm creating.

Pictures next time, I promise!

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