Friday, October 8, 2010

Learning online - Yvette, a period costume doll

This online class started last Friday. I am walking the students through the process of creating a free standing cloth doll, then costuming it in late 18th century style.

The transition from correct period costuming to a dolls' costume is an interesting one. Scale is very important. While keeping the lines of the original garments, they need to be simplified to make construction possible in the scale.

One place I did this was on the short gown. I eliminated the sleeve seams, which would have created bulk. I also faked the chemise and lace cuffs, which would have been part of the chemise sleeves.

Yvette is 16" tall and wears a corset, short gown and petticoat. She also wears bloomers. Strictly speaking, not accurate for the time. So why put bloomers? Because people always peek under the skirts to see if there is underwear. I kid you not! They do! To them, the doll is not complete unless she has underwear. So, modesty is another reason to add bloomers. The lace on the cuffs also helps the skirt stand out. So there's a practical reason, too.

The beauty of online learning is the teacher (me) is there to answer your questions, just like a live class.

The class started last Friday. It's a work at your own pace class, so no worries, you can still join in. Sign up at Doll Street Dreamers Creative College.

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