Friday, September 17, 2010

West End Studio Tour launches

Last night was the launch party for the tour. The artists work was beautifully hung at Wall space gallery on Richmond Road, there was food, beer and cake, to celebrate 15 years of the tour. I had so much fun chatting with everyone. All we artists work hard to make the tour a fabulous event, but rarely get the chance to just socialise. The talk was of framing challenges, paint and new media and how much tidying up needed to be done before Saturday, when the tour starts. Somehow, we'll all be ready.

Here you can see most of us, plus what I wore (red and blue).

This morning I am packing up to move my work over to Paula Zoubec's, who has some great paintings lined up for the tour. I gave a last dab of paint to the Paverpol piece I am working on and glued it to the base. This had suffered a couple of knocks, which I tried to fix with shoe polish. That didn't work, so now it has a gold glaze to it, which goes with the figure.

I wore my upcycled dress, which you can see on my other blog I had many compliments on it and encouragement to craete more art to wear.

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