Sunday, May 16, 2010

Marliane Verhelst class

My friend Katuma and I signed up to take Marlaine Verhelst's online class, Sculpting a doll in air drying clay. We get together when we have a free Sunday afternoon and work on the heads. It's sometimes tough to get our schedules to match, but we keep trying!
Here's what we have done so far. This has its challenges! The clay dries as you work, so you need to be aware of that and add some water to prolong the working time. The proportions are not perfect, but this is our first attempt. At least I can see what's wrong with mine.
The heads began as clay over a Styrofoam shape. Since there is no baking, this is safe to use. Keeping the head on a stick means less handling, except where you are sculpting.
The heads will need painting at the finish, which may require another class! I'm used to colouring with pencils on my cloth heads or using coloured fibre in my felting.
Right now I have too many half finished projects. Time to get cracking on finishing them!

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