Friday, November 13, 2009

Bookmark swap

I recently took part in an online bookmark swap. Patti Culea mounted the challenge. Each of us in our group made four bookmarks, along the theme of “Art Deco meets Art Nouveau.” This was quite a challenge and took some thought. However, I love both eras of the decorative arts and I looked at images and worked away in my sketchbook until I found something I was happy with.

The bookmarks were created on a fabric base. I thought this print went with the theme. Then I drew some deco style faces on cloth and attached the heads. The hair had to be stylized, so this braid was just right. I finished off with some added motifs from another print fabric. My main concern was keeping the bookmark fairly flat. It had to have a tassel, so the beads went there.

I received really nice bookmarks in exchange! Challenges are fun, because the make you think outside your own box and force you to stretch yourself. A good stretch is always worth doing!


  1. Edwina, these bookmarks are exquisite

  2. you are correct about working outside your own square - you rbookmarks are delicious - Dale


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