Monday, October 12, 2009

Clive - funny or weird?

When I made the head for this piece, it was intended to be a Santa figure. Somehow, he refused to wear a beard or hat. He smiled away at me and eventually became this bust. He's created with needle felted wool fibre. I was very pleased with the degree of realism I had acheived. It's something I'm striving for with my recent needle felting work.

Clive, as I called him, received varying reactions at the studio tour. Any reaction is a good reaction, but I was surpirsed by those who found him leering, lascivious or scray!  What's your reaction?

I welcome your comments.


  1. Oh Edwina!, Clive is F a b u l o u s!!! Velia

  2. He's cute but he does look like he might have a secret or two.

  3. I love Clive!!!!! He reminds me of a Santa'check his list twice' sorta thing! Very Cute!!!!!!


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