Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sleeve for an e-reader

My daughter has an e-reader. Perfect for her trip to Europe. I'm amazed how many apps it has, beyond books!

Anyway, I made a sleeve to protect it from the rough life inside a back pack while touring Europe. I let her choose from some of my quilting cottons and she chose the map print, as a perfect companion for books and travel. She also chose a batik print for the lining. 

Back at the studio, and over to my sewing machine. I used a heavy Pellon for the stiffening. The kind you use to back fabric bowls and boxes. I fused the lining to it with wonder under. And trimmed it, leaving a seam all round the edges. Then I folded it with the lining inside and seamed the side and bottom. 

At this point, I realisesd I should have sewn the tab on while it was flat.  I made the tab with a lighter Pellon inside, turned it and added half of the magnetic fastener. You could also use a button to close it, but the magnets are neat.  This I now stitched onto the Pellon. I also glued the lining seam to one side, so it wouldn't roll when I put the cover layer on. A glue stick did the trick. 

I wrapped the outer fabric and checked the fit before trimming it, leaving a seam all round. I joined the side and bottom, them slipped this over the inner layer.  The other half of the magnet fastener was attached, then I folded under the top edge. I chose to reveal a small amount of the lining fabric, to give the top edge a little jazz. Top stitched it and it was done!  

It didn't take long at all and she loved it! Theses simple crafts can be so satisfying. Don't you find?

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