Friday, September 13, 2013

Five tips to improve your doll making

5 ways to make your dolls look better

 1. It’s all about the face. Take a look at your doll’s face by holding it up to a mirror. Are the eyes more than half way up the face? That’s a common mistake and easy to fix next time. Measure the head and give yourself an eye line about half way down the head. This is where the eyes should sit.

 2. Check the size of each facial feature. Are the eyes so big they are travelling off the size of the face? Are the lips so big, they dominate the face? Smaller lips are cuter. You can often make them larger, but it’s near impossible to reduce them!

 3. Are the clothes neatly made? If the intent is to have a beautiful costume, take time to line the skirt, make sure there are no loose threads or busted seams. Good dressmaking pays off in enriching the look of your doll.

 4. How are the hands? Too big? Neatly made? Hands take practice, so if you still have trouble turning fingers, stitch up a bunch of hands and practice turning them until you get it right .

 5. Are the colours harmonious? An easy way to get a good mix of colours is to take a look at the selvage of a print. There is often a strip of colours in circles, showing all the colours used in the print. If you select from the group of colours, you can’t go wrong. The fabric designer has done all the work for you.

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