Friday, August 9, 2013

What's your favourite color?

Mine is green. This guy began life a long time ago.  He was gong to be Oberon and I had him dressed all in woodland green. I loved his boots and his pants, but somehow, his costume didn't get much further than a shirt. So he sat. 

I also realized his head was too small. 

Then along came my interest in steampunk and he came to light again. You might say he stepped forward!  I could cure his too small head with a big hat! So I made a big hat. Nice!  Lots of hair and facial hair, enlarged his face and head. Success! I love it when a loose plan comes together. 

I had this green velvet and made him a frock coat. My friend Wendy had made a doll with a telescope, so I was inspired to add one to this guy. I call him Dr Scopic. I think ,keeping with my green theme made him successful. 

Does the green work for you?


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