Friday, June 14, 2013

Drawing eyes

This week I'd like to present my guide for coloring eyes. Here you can see how the eye is divided up. The iris is divided into sections and these, plus the way we are going to color them, will give the eye dimension.

I use gel pens to color the whites of the eyes. you can color the whole eye if you like, then color the iris on top. Or you can just add white to the sides of the eye. I've done it both ways. Let this dry. Most important!

Now select three tones of blue, green, whichever eye color you like. Use the dark, medium and light tones to color the iris. Let them blend together where they overlap. Now take a black gel pen and color the pupil. I start small and gradually get larger. 

Eyes need the tear duck detail to look real, so add a dot of pink or red to the inner corner of each eye. Don't forget to add the highlight to the eye! I use gel pen or a dot of white paint for this.

Lastly, come lashes. Use a dark pencil or gel pen to outline the upper lid. If you want, add a couple of eyelashes flaring out at the outer corner. Don't overdo it! The lower lid looks best if you only outline the outer third of the lid. I never join these lines, or the eye looks clown-ish.

So that's my tip for today! What is your favorite brand of pen or pencil for eyes?

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