Friday, April 19, 2013

New classes

It's been a busy week for me. I've had no time to create for myself, I've been so busy with the creative people at Doll street! I've been adding new things to the pattern shop and new classes.

I won't be going to AFICC this year. These doll gatherings are a blast. I am sad to miss out on the fun. Still, Dawn Schiller is teaching there and debuting her Egg-Static class on Doll Street! Hooray! I'm honoured she chose to debut it on Doll Street. I will open the class to registration on Monday.

You know I love dragons. well, Judith prior sent me pictures of Ambrose and I had to have this class! This cloth dragon is needle sculpted and painted in unusual ways. Very hot! (Dragons can't be Cool, because they are so Hot!)

Are you taking any classes or attending any conference this spring?


  1. I'm taking the Abundance class with Angela. Lots of fun so far. I'm also taking the Princess and the Pea class with Cindee Moyer. A really fun doll to make:)

    Question? What happened to the Canadian Doll Artists Association? I was talking to a blogger friend and she asked me about the conferences they used to have. I wasn't able to find any current info. Do they still have them?

  2. Not sure what has heppened with CDAA. It's a shame, as we had big time fun at those events.


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