Friday, April 12, 2013

Art journal

Here's another stage of my Steampunk Journal. I've been noodling away at these two pages this week. It is amazing what one more little doodle will do. I found this great quote from  Jules Verne. Which other author best represents the Steampunk genre?


Here's the other side of the page spread. I love this diver image. he's so underneath it all! I can't imagine wearing such gear and trusting it to keep me alive!

The creative process is alive and well! Making the substrate and then the book, began the journey. I've been journaling in purchased books until now. This adds another dimension! People ask, who are you doing this for? This is just for me! Hey, if someone wants to buy it, I'll sell it, but I am of the mind that I stretch myself best when I have no intention behind the work, other than to explore and do the work.

Do you journal? Would you sell it if asked?

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