Friday, April 5, 2013

Art Journal

My husband was away for a week. Not one to waste such an opportunity, I got out my paints. The dining table was covered with a picnic cloth and I laid out my freshly purchased sheets of water color paper. I was inspired by an article in Cloth, Paper, Scissors on how to prepare an art journal. Sorry, can't recall the author. It may have been Dawn deVries Sokol.

So I sprayed on paint, rolled and marked away, following the directions. I had in mind an art journal to celebrate Creativity, which you know is a favourite theme of mine, and then a steampunk Journal. You could have guessed, right? Enamoured with Steampunk, this journal will seek to answer the question: What is steampunk?

So above is a picture of the Steampunk journal in progress. It's primarily blues and steely grey. Then I decided to age the pages, so edged each one with Burnt Ochre. I've added various images, here you see a diver, I added steam trains and there will be some fashions too!!

The Creativity Journal is yellows and greens, with the odd butterfly and leaf to denote growth. Spring is coming, after all!

This will be such fun to complete. Now Hubby is home, the paints are away. I plan to stamp it this weekend, then get out my pens. Our doll club is having a morning of play, to work on whatever. Sculpting is planned, but maybe I'll take my journal...

Has anyone else been inspired to make a Journal like this?


  1. wendy.feldberg@sympatico.caApril 5, 2013 at 9:17 PM

    Exciting new project, Edwina! Never a dull moment in your studio!

  2. I thought you'd enjoy the book idea! It excites me too!


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