Friday, March 22, 2013

Steampunk gear!

Tell me if you think this coat would make a great Steampunk style coat. It's 1812, taken from an original garment, which was a beautiful black wool satin. Even after all these years in storage, it's beauty shines. It was lining and quilted with lambs wool. Which wouldn't have been much help in a Canadian winter, but it was what they had.

The reproduction is wool worsted. Beautiful Italian wool. It drapes well. The pleating on the back panel was a a challenge. To control the stingy fabric, I tried it several ways. Finally, I opted to use the bias, which resulted in softer pleats.

The sleeves we the next challenge. All the fashion plated showed a very short upper sleeve. Well, making that work with the size of the a hole proved difficult. You see, in 1812 , armholes were tiny. I couldn't see it working for our modern gals. So I enlarged it a bit. Then I had to fake the upper sleeve a bit, ending it high and not carrying it all the way around the armhole. There are two layers to the sleeve,plus the lining. All help anchor and form the shape.

Can't you see it as Steampunk style?


  1. Fabulous....the back is beautiful.
    I think it would make a great Steampunk look with a jaunty hat and some goggles.

  2. fantastic!!!! i luv it.. maybe some spare watch parts someplace for deco...


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