Friday, March 15, 2013


Boy! I've had a troublesome time adding photos lately. Blogger has ticked me off. I can't upload them from my computer. I have to add them to Picasa instead. One more step that chews up time. Why?
Anyway, here's the Spencer I've been working on lately. It is an 1812 design, taken from an original garment in the Parks Canada collection. Sized up to fit the modern figure, naturally.

I love the back. This was called a riding coat and the back reflects that idea. The coat is short, fitting just under the bust line. Italian wool, which was shrunk to give it more body and make the raw edge finish possible. No fraying, you see?

This was all hand finished, with silk covered cord braided to make the trim, inserts of silk satin. This silk is truly to die for! The collar has ruched silk with a floral trim to edge it. The collar pops up nicely around the face, or lays flat.
You know I love these projects. I'm not sure how many more there will be, given the massive lay offs at Parks Canada. Why is Heritage so under valued? No-one protests when they cut back there. Our history will truly fade to dust. Do you agree?

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