Friday, March 8, 2013

New France

Last month, Ottawa celebrated Winterlude, our annual festival on ice . The Museum of Civilisation had a programme running at the same time, called Winter in New France. I helped assemble and create costumes for the event. The public could dress up in the winter gear our ancestors wore, to get the feeling of being cold in Quebec in 1750.

I felt winter must have been awfully cold as I researched what they wore. It seemed woefully inadequate by our standards. Still they layered wool and furs and survived. It's a testament to their determination.

The man's hood was fun. I discovered it was based on a hood from medieval times. It's shape had changed little. the buttons to keep it over the face were the 18th century adaptation. The gentleman does not have his hat on, but it would have topped off the hood.

Can you imagine surviving without your down coat and microfiber fleece clothing?

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