Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday to you!

I'm a creative person and I deserve time to create!

How to find time to create.
You wouldn’t be reading this unless you had the urge to create something. The thing that is the problem is when to do the creating. Where’s the space of time going to come from?
They say busy people get things done. Yes, but sometimes they are so intent on the business of doing, especially for others, that they forget themselves in that whirl of constant activity. Something will soon be lacking if you never get time to satisfy your creative urges. The first thing to do is say to yourself: I am a creative person and I deserve the time to create (or I shall go crazy!). If your dreams and creative urges are never satisfied, you will go crazy. This may not mean a trip to the asylum, but it could mean feeling desperately unhappy and unfulfilled.
So, How to fix that problem?
Here goes – say your positive statement: I am a creative person and I deserve the time to create. Repeat it until you believe it. Now, let’s look at what you want to do. It can probably be broken down into smaller segments that can be tackled in small chunks of time until the project is complete. Little by little gets the job done. Let’s say you want to create an art doll. It could also be a painting or other creation, the same things apply.
First, gather everything that doll will need in order to be realized. Put it all in one case. I use the plastic zipped cases linens come in. They’re sturdy and portable. You might use plastic containers. Put all the ingredients in there. Hey! There is step one completed! If you need things for the project, add them to your weekly shopping list.
Now, you can look at the work in short sections. Look for things that can be done on the go. You night trace out the pattern at work one lunchtime, or while watching TV with the kids. I never just watch TV. I’m a great TV listener, while I’m being creative.
So here’s how things might proceed- trace pattern at lunchtime – check. Iron pattern pieces onto fabric- 15 minutes – do this while waiting for the rice to cook. Check.
Set up the sewing machine and sew both legs and the body or as much as you can in that session. Get the kids to help dad wash the car or fold up the laundry for you. Lower your standards and don’t complain how it’s folded – you get to be creative. A little co-operation builds family unity and keeps mum happy. Tell them this!
Stuffing can be done anywhere. I’ve had great conversations with people who are curious about what I’m doing. Even if you only get one leg stuffed while waiting at the dentist, it’s done. Put a large wad of stuffing into a big zip-lock bag; add your stuffing tool and body parts and you are on your way. Bit by bit, that doll will get stuffed. I’ve even watched my son’s hockey games while stuffing or knitting.
Painting faces is something I need quiet time for. Schedule this time, just like you do the family activities. I set aside the evening my kids have activities, telling then Mum has activities too. For years, Girl Guide night was also my creative night. I’d drop off my daughter and come home to work on my projects. “Tell anyone who calls I’m out!” is the message and ask the family to respect that, too.
See how things come together? You might organize that you take turns with other parents taking kids to their activities, to give each other extra time.
Breaking down tasks in a project into segments, chips away at the steps involved and slowly your project steps along towards completion.
I do hope you don’t place housework as more important than your creative time. Dust can wait. As soon as they are old enough not to break the ornaments, get the kids involved. They can clean the bathroom or run the vacuum cleaner around. Dust can wait. You are training them for their future as independent beings! I like to think of dust as the protective layer over my belongings.
Hear my message here? You don’t have to do it all. Your creative self is important. If you have a family, get them involved. They will soon realize a Mom with a little time for her creative side is a happier Mum. If they don’t realize this, tell them! Husbands usually need telling this, for some reason!
Handwork can be done anywhere, on the bus, at the side of the soccer pitch, under a shady tree while the kids swing, listening to story time at the library.
So next time you are riding the bus to work and hand sewing the last pieces of trim on you latest creation, say to yourself I am a creative person and I deserve the time to create. And you know what? There you are, being Creative!


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  1. Great post:) I tend to listen to audio books or BBC 4 Extra on my laptop while I create.


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