Monday, February 18, 2013

Child's play

Thanks Twister Sifter, for the image
That is a great quote. we must allow ourselves time to play. When ever I sign up for a class, that's my day to play. To learn a new technique, be with like minded people and explore the paintbox of creative essence.

Paul McCartney wrote a song about Picasso's last days: "Drink to me." It was on that fabulous album, Band On The Run. I've been playing it lately and that song is gold, both for the music and the sentiment.

I've had an inspired morning, getting posts ready to go on the Doll Street site. New classes, pictures of members' work, so much creative stuff! You'll see them appear over the next few weeks. Tweaking  a web site is a constant occupation it seems. I noodle around, hoping to tweak it some more, so search engines find it, people find it and inspiration finds it. After all, if no-one comes, it's not much of a party, is it?

So go on out and play. BE a child. We are all supposed to seek our inner child. That's the part of us that is innocent. That doesn't think about the chores or the job, just the fun to be had in every day. Now, I like the sound of that! Don't you?

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