Friday, November 2, 2012

Channelling Chicago

What began as a simple trip to Chicago was complicated by the weather. First, Fog. Toronto was fogged in. Our plane actually flew to TO and back to Ottawa, because there was nowehere to land. It meant we missed our fun day to tour Chicago.
Then coming home, the hurricane kicked in. This gournded us inToronto again, so I was a day late coming home. I was tired of lugging those suitcases around by Tuesday, I tell you!

Still, the Vogue Knitting Show was exciting. I set up my art and it was well received. I met some great fellow artists. Kelly Fleek and Carol MacDonald among them.

You've got to smile at these amazing knit hats by Kelly Fleek. One amazing lady!
Carol MacDonald follows a theme of knitting with her current work. It was great to meet you, Carol and Kathleen!

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