Friday, October 12, 2012

How to make a necklace

For this year's Studio Tour, I made some necklaces to sell, using my own artwork. It is helpful to have some lower priced items like this. People buy them and go home with a tiny piece of art.
I scanned one of my drawings into the old computer, then printed it on paper which I had already printed with digital art. One trick I figured out - since I wanted to make several, I scanned them all and then opened Word, and made a table. Inserting the various pictures into the table, meant I could print them all out on one page. Cool right?
 The next step was to seal the images and glue them to the glass domes, which I had bought on Etsy. Got to love Etsy! The silver bail came all the way from Hong Kong, via Etsy! So did the background image you see below:
This I printed on some card stock, recycled card from an earlier project. I like how the random lines show up in the print.

I'll get more photos up of the other styles next time. Meanwhile, you can buy this one on Etsy!! I'll have them at my Doll Club meeting on Sunday; let's hope the ladies like them!

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