Friday, September 14, 2012

My Big News

It's been a busier than usual few weeks at Casa Del Edwina. I have been catching up on my costume and bridal work in the studio after my vacation. Then there is the West End Studio Tour to prepare for. I am busy with Paverpol today. Hope I don't run out! The last bit of Big News comes later! Read on...

Studio Tour

The West End Studio Tour begins September 22 and continues on the 23rd and the next weekend, September 29 and 30th. The Tour is a neighbourhood happening here in Ottawa. This year I am one of 16 artists who open their studios and their home to the public for a show and sale. I will be showing with Paula Zoubec at 502 Piccadilly Avenue, Ottawa. You are all invited to come!

This Saturday is the Taste of Wellington  and we artists will be out on the street, enjoying the fun and promoting the tour. Now where's my official Studio Tour T-shirt gone? I need it for tomorrow!

Despite my Big News, I will still be working on my art and offering online classes. My Needle Felt a Pet class just started. You can still sign up!


Is that I am now the proud owner/ operator of Doll Street Dreamers! I have taken over from Judi Wellnitz, who ran it for 5 years. Doll Street is actually 15 years young this year! I have been a member of this fun online doll club for a least 10 years!

Yes, you too, can become a member of the club, which hosts an online daily journal just for members. We also have challenges and swaps from time to time, which are featured on the site.

The other fun thing about Doll Street is the learning that comes from online classes with fabulous teachers and e-patterns available for instant download. No waiting for the mail! How cool is that?

There's even a newsletter. Won't you join us?

So you can tell I have had no time to miss my kids, now they are both away at school! (Well, just a bit) But I'm loving every minute of all this!


  1. I very happy that you took over Doll Street Edwina. I was a bit worried that no one would. I've been a member for almost two years now:)

  2. I second Mary Ann's thought - I'm glad you've taken over Doll Street - phew! I would have been sad without it. Good luck with the studio tour and beautiful wedding gown, well done!


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