Friday, August 10, 2012

Using your head

Today and all weekend, I'm working on finishing some stuff. I do have an art show coming up next month, you know! (The West End Studio Tour)

So I took a look around the studio and saw all these heads. One has a body begun, this guy above. I love his snooty look, so he may be destined to be another Marquis. He's needle felted.

This guy I made for a joke. You may recognise him. He's Gru, from the movie "Despicable Me." He may not get a body, perhaps just becoming a pin or brooch. Then he'll be a pin head! I like him though. He's been on my felting foam for a long time keeping me company.

This is a hobbit head. The first picture is the before. He's been sitting here, not quite pleasing me.
So, I grabbed him and adjusted the expression of his mouth. I'm happier with him now. So then, while using picmonkey to add my name to the photos, I saw this new game. How does he look now??

So I'd better get to work on making some bodies!! Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. He's so cute Edwina, what a wonderful job you've done, I would love to learn how to felt one day,you're great at it.
    Thank you for your comment on my blog and thanks for your name suggestions, I've called them Leo & Lilli,had to come up with names quickly so I could start writing the pattern.
    I'm looking forward to working with you on Doll Street, all the best...

  2. I love what you did with Picmonkey - that's hilarious!I love your felted dolls. I wish my hands were up for trying needle felting but the little I have tried has really caused me pain. So I'll just have to admire yours!


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