Friday, July 27, 2012

Heart of the Art

The Heart of Art.

Many of us are guilty of over thinking our creative projects. Sometimes we just need to allow ourselves to play. Through play, we learn, just as we did as children. When we over think a project, it often loses something. That intangible element called “Heart.” The heart of our art is what makes it speak to people.

Recently, I began a new figurative art piece, with a plan that it would be a companion for an earlier figure. That's her picture, above. I had the armature made and began posing it. As I worked on the figure, it began to seem rather forlorn. I let it be and kept working. When I revisited it later, I realised it reflected my mood that day, somewhat sad and forlorn. I allowed my feelings to show in the piece and the effect was very rewarding. It was also cathartic – I felt much better after spending the time playing in my studio, with a new piece as a result. It became something that meant something to me. I’ll post pictures on the blog when it’s finished.

May you put some heart into your art.

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