Friday, June 29, 2012

A challenge winner!

Re-Imagine History Challenge on Doll Street Dreamers.

I'm so thrilled to announce that my doll, Origami, won Best Overall Doll in this challenge!
Congrats to all the entrants and the winners!
Skill level: Advanced/Professional
The Concept Behind Your Doll:During the great Exhibition at the Crystal palace in London in 1851, the Japanese Pavilion drew a lot of attention. The Japanese delegates were similarly enchanted with England and many remained there following the Exhibition. Their influence began to be seen in London fashion, with the wearing of kimono for the boudoir. This fashion began to creep into daily life, along with the following of the Japanese Shinto faith.
By 1890, the two cultures had become well blended, and this fashion is the result. Origami wears a kimono bodice, with obi and a bustle and a full skirt over her petticoat. Origami is a devotee of Shintoism, revealed here by wearing a completely white outfit. The braid of white hair indicates her devotion. Devotees wear white for one year, as a testament to their faith and dedication
Describe your doll:My own design, this doll is a fusion of 1890 Victorian fashion and the Japanese aesthetic. The doll has a polymer clay head, hands and feet. The costume is created with crepe paper as homage to the Japanese art of paper folding, origami. The hat is an origami folded shape. 14″ high
The Historical Period You’ve Used:1890 Victorian England, blended with Japanese kimono


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