Friday, June 1, 2012

Fairy Doors

Deep in West Dorset, England, lies a magical hill. The woods and trees are old, the trunks covered in moss. If you look carefully among the trunks of the trees, you will spy the fairy doors. I am enchanted by fairy doors. the mystic portals into the realm of faerie.

Children are drawn to the doors and leave little presents and notes for the fairies. Sometimes they leave a wish. Some of these are poignant in their innocence "I wish my mummy and daddy lived together again." They brought tears to my eyes. Magic and mystery in the woods.

Can you resist the magic? Have you found fairy doors?


  1. I love fairy doors...I was thinking of making one out of found material for the apple tree in my back garden

    Ann Arbor Michigan has fairy doors too. They used to have lots but a few have been vandalized over the years. Here is a link......

  2. Got to LOVE the fairy doors! I am planning one for my front porch. I figure someone may want to live in the porch post.


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