Friday, June 22, 2012

Beat the Heat

It's a hot Friday here in Ottawa. I am playing hooky and getting some work done at home. Mostly watering the garden, which is not really hard work. Then the bookkeeping, which is!

I am aiming to get back to this figure I began some weeks ago. It's a Paverpol figure, which perfectly reflects life as it was the day I sculpted him. I designed it to be a companion piece to this one:
They will each sit on their own shelf, but face away from each other. The sentiments being of "Go Away" and "Stay."

Have I got it right?

Meanwhile, I'm hoping to see the Van Gogh show that is in town this summer. Plus, my online classes are starting to teach Yvette ( at A for Artistic) and Dance With the Stars (at Doll Street). Won't you join me? Click the images to register.

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