Friday, April 27, 2012

Paris, part 2

There is so much to see in Paris. Every nook and cranny can be examined. This doorway caught my eye. It's not an unusual doorway, expect it fits so perfectly in the street-scape. Even the old blue paint has charm. I certainly was charmed in Paris, every minute of it. Even the way the green-grocer arranged the fruit and vegetables in his store. Art. I was too shy to take photos in a food store!
Another doorway, or series of doorways, in the Louvre. Look at the detail. You know you are in a palace. An art museum now, but still a palace fit  for royalty.

Even a look outside a window shows art. This building is exquisite.

Here's an inspiration for a future piece. A miniature bust. Only 3" in size, perfect in its details.

We stumbled into the Petite Palais by accident, looking for the Costume Museum, which is closed for renos. This lovely museum had the most charming garden in the center, where they served tea. We had to stop and have tea. See the gold leaves on the swags? It was so elegant and you could hear none of the traffic on the nearby Champs Elysee.

Along the river, we saw many boats, where people live. This one had such a Steam punk air, I had to take a picture. You can picture it chugging along with its residents in full Victorian attire.

I hope to go back to Paris again, to continue exploring and enjoying. We stopped regularly, just to grab the atmosphere at a sidewalk cafe or a tiny market, selling plants. Don't you long to go?


  1. Thank you for the lovely tour Edwina:) I love that little boat in the last picture.

  2. Next time Edwina take me in your suitcase! Your photos and stopping for tea and atmosphere sound divine. And you're such a marvy tour guide in person and in blog form anywhoo! I so appreciate your photos and I also adore that blue door!

    1. Yep, I'm all about touring and blue doors. What is ti about doors? Is the possibilities of what lies behind them?


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