Friday, March 9, 2012

Corset making at the studio

My corset making class has drawn to a close. The ladies did so well with their corsets!!

Here's Kate, sewing away, learning how to make piping. The trick is to use true bias strips and to press the folds along the strips. this makes it easier to place the cord in the fold as you sew. Piping the top and lower edges adds a lovely finish to a corset. it can also become a decorative feature.

Here you can see two corsets. These were made with shot  taffeta covers. the top stitching shows up really well. The black coutil lining is shown on the right corset. You can see the waist stay, which helps maintain the shape over time if you are tight lacing. For occasional wear, you might skip this detail.

Second fitting! Here's Susan, looking good in her new corset. She was pretty happy with the way the Laughing Moon pattern worked out, with a few personal fit adjustments. Back view to finish! It was such fun showing the ladies how to create their own corsets! They already have plans to make another!

In case you are wondering, Edwina Richards Studio is the name of my custom clothing and historic costume business. I'd be happy to teach or create something for you!


  1. Very nice. Making one is on my list, gives you good posture and great lift.

  2. This was an intensely satisfying class and project. The intricacy of the corset itself and the master sewing tips that you threw in made this class worth every penny. Thank you for inspiring me to further my sewing skills, and for helping me to discover that I'm up to the challenge. :)

  3. It was my pleasure. Those who discover corsetry become hooked!!


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