Friday, January 20, 2012

Black Mystery

I have been involved in an interesting project. Toulie is a textile artist who came to me for help with this project this summer. She had created a piece like this, but much larger. It measured about 3" by 2". My task was to scale it down to about 18".

This was done with a drawing to size and then the segments were translated to the 3-D form, which was padded. Toulie created the feminine shapes you see and I included these. She is an artist who explores our fascination with female genitalia.

I began at one end and worked my way around the shape, creating each section and building on to that. I stitched it as a skin, with a lining, which was draped over the basic padded form and then attached.

It was a very interesting commission and collaboration, which Toulie took to galleries in Europe this Fall.

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