Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Upcycled a skirt

Lucky me! I got to go away to Mexico at Christmas! Of course, a trip means new clothes! I wanted a skirt, but the summer fabrics are all gone from Canadian stores. So, I bought this top at a discount store. It already had the elastic at the bottom, so I thought, I can flip that to be the top. And away I went!

First, I cut off the bodice at the armholes. Then I separated the ruffle from the neckline and cut away the sleeves.

The sleeves became godets to insert in the skirt. Each sleeve was cut down the middle of the sleeve, to give me 4 godets. Next, I made a slash in two places on the skirt front. The sleeve was cut into a wedge shape.
 Here's the godet, inserted in the skirt. I paid attention to the grainline, placing the sleeve-godets opposite ways on the front.
 There was the uneven shape of the sleeve head at the hem, which I cut off. Luckily, this type of knit doesn't fray, so no seam finishing or hemming. I needed this fast, right?

Finally, there are 4 godets inserted.
I wanted to use up all the fabric, so the neck ruffles were separated into 2 and I sewed one down each side seam. The original seam was crooked anyway, so I cut it open and inserted the ruffle.

 Here's the curved ruffle, all pinned in place. I had to gather it to control the fit.
 Not bad, huh? A final press and my instant skirt was ready to go!
Have you done any upcycling latey?

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