Friday, October 21, 2011

Learning about Color

I've been back at my Etsy store this past week, adding some fiber. I picked this colour for Fall. Now I am looking at these two images more closley. Last night, I took a mini course on photographing your 3-D art. I learned so much and see now where I have been going wrong.

Take a look again. The fiber in the pictures is the same fiber, same colour! But, I made mistakes in photographing them. I learned how important lighting is. I was using two different lamps, with two different bulbs. I also confused my camera, by having light coming in the window and fluorescent lights in my studio, which were on. How is the camera to decide which is THE light source? It affects the colour! I had no idea, did you?

I also learned more about Photoshop and calibrating your monitor so that it shows the true colour of the picture you have taken. Apparently, there's a little gizmo you buy and plug in, which calibrates the colours of your monitor, so it shows true colour. Amazing revelation!! You can also get one for your printer, though the photographer - instructor recommended professional prints for your important pixctures. But for online images, not required.

So guess what I will be doing this weekend? Taking a look at my images in Photoshop with some new tricks under my belt. You know the old story, buy the fancy programme, but never really figure out how to use it to full effect. And yes, I do have a teenager in the house, but he's a busy guy and not always available to teach his mum new tricks that he seems to know instinctively! How does that happen? Must be all the good food I fed him as a wee one. Must be, because he's a big, tall, athletic lad now!

So today is Friday and I am giving myself a day to play with clay and make some more little heads. I have two ready for the oven, but will do more until I have a tray full to bake. I may also make another cute bear from the fiber above. I have kits, if you'd like to make one too!!

This week, with a little help from a friend, I have assembled an 1885 silk bodice and skirt. It is now ready for the boning to be inserted in all the bodice seams. Pictures to follow.

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