Monday, October 17, 2011

Fabulous workshops not to be missed


We are happy to present two fabulous opportunities to work with world class doll artists next year. Spaces are limited and due to their popularity, we must ask for a deposit to reserve your space and confirm our bookings with the teachers. Deposits MUST be in by December 31st 2011, in order for us to secure our bookings with these teachers. Cheques must be payable to All Dolled UP and may be mailed to Edwina Sutherland at 1276 Wellington St, Ottawa, ON K1Y 3A7.

Barbara Willis is author of Cloth Doll Artistry Design and Costuming Techniques for Flat and Fully Sculpted Figures, has been creating dolls and teaching nationally and internationally for over 30 years. She has been associated with the quilting industry, fibre guilds, embroidery guilds and clubs, International Quilt Market, The Knitting and Stitching Show (UK) doll clubs, and workshop events for all of her career. She has been featured and published in many magazines including Sew Beautiful, Cloth Dolls and Animals, Dolls Bears and Collectibles, Better Homes and Gardens, Dolls and many others over her career.

Barbara Willis workshop – “Juliette”

April 21 and 22nd, 2012

Fee, including kit: $300 –  
Deposit of $150 required to reserve your spot!

Juliette is a lovely doll with a unique construction.  She stands approximately 17" tall and has a soft sculpted face formed from knit fabric.  Her torso is skinned in knit fabric to match the face fabric and her breasts are implanted beneath the knit skin to create a delicate d├ęcolletage.  The lower part of the body is constructed of 2 stiff fabric panels open from the bottom and to allow the skirt to open up to hold her weight and to stand.  She sits on a weighted bag with half shoes poking out the bottom of the skirt.

Students will lean full facial soft sculpting and coloration,   simple wired hands, unique body construction as described, costume techniques to include the use of a smocking pleater to create the lovely pleated ruffle used at the bottom of her skirt.

Marlaine Verhelst and Ankie Danaan

Workshop – "Jack out of the Box"

Fee, including kit: $500

Deposit of $250 must be made by December 31st to reserve your spot in one of these classes, which will also be advertised to other groups, since these ladies do not come to Canada often!

Meet the Dutch Touch: Marlaine Verhelst and Ankie Danaan, National Institute of American Doll Artist (NIADA) members of this top rank artists group. Marlaine and Ankie will be travelling form the Netherlands to Canada next fall to teach us this exclusive workshop.

These two world class doll artists will offer the same three day class in Ottawa Sunday through Tuesday 14-16 October 2012 and Wednesday through Friday 17-19 October 2012.             

We will be making a "Jack out of the Box".  For an example please see the attached picture.

The sculpted bases and bodies will be prepared by Ankie and Marlaine.

All students will sculpt and paint their own head and hands and make hair, hats, collars and embellishments of the costume.

They will get homework in the evenings for the painting of the box and wheels and will have to bring acrylic paints for that purpose.  All students will go home with a finished piece.

Edwina Sutherland


  1. What wonderful dolls, I took many classes with Barbara Willis, but never with the other ladies, maybe one of these days.

  2. We all need to treat ourselves and go to the next level, sometimes!!


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