Friday, October 7, 2011

1812 coat

Here we have a Pelisse, which is what this style of coat was called in 1812.  Just like jumpsuits are now "onesies" fashions constantly reinvent themselves.
 The coat is made with silk taffeta, which was dreadful to hand sew! My poor sore fingers! The lining is fine silk charmeuse.

The braid was used double width and joined using invisible rayon thread, then applied to the coat. The military look was very popular. remember, there was a war going on!

You may recall the blue silk ball gown. Well, this coat goes with it. I took the pattern from an original garment, in combination with a Spencer pattern developed some time ago. The original pelisse was very fine wool sateen, with a quilted padded lining in the bodice.

The coat took 4 times longer to make than I anticipated. Argh!

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  1. Love the work you did and I can appreciate the diffculity doing hand sewing on silk taffeta.

    My mother was a tailor(ess) and she made something similar in style as an evening coat in 1968 for my graduation my age away LOL At the all girl school I went to all the graduates wore the same dress and that year it was empire waisted so it was appropriate for the whole look.Just as an interesting fact the school was in a building that had been used as a barricks during the 1812+ war:)


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