Sunday, September 4, 2011

Dragon time


Finished! Idris has arisen! My husband kept telling me he wasn't fierce enough, so he acquired fangs, lower lids to narrow his eyes and horns. I added the wings last week. They have a wire support, and I wet felted fiber over the organza. Then I went to town with my burning tool. I get such satisfaction out of burning design into things! Perhaps I'm a closet pyromaniac.

Photgraphing him was another challenge. I tried indoors with lights, but the colours came out wrong. Outdoors, the wind kept blowing my background paper about. Still, the colour is better. The photos still don't do it justice.

I learn as I go. The wire armature will need to be heavier next time, to support the pose. Plan for the head to be heavier, which affects the balance. Learning as I go. Next in my life comes a new phone. How long till I can figure that out?

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