Friday, August 12, 2011

Flat dolls

You've heard of Flat Stanley, right? Well here's the latest version. this was worked on by three of us as part of a swap: Jacquie, Victoria and me. I gave her little shoes, jewellery, hat and purse. The doll itself has now been mailed back to Jacquie, its owner. I can't wait to get mine back. It had a steam punk theme, if you remember way back when we started this.

Swaps have a way of getting delayed. This one got slowed down when Canada post went on strike. I also had delays when other work had to come first. Sometimes the creative muse is just not with us. But things eventually come to fruition and the results are lovely. it's that sharing of creative minds that's the enjoyable part of swaps.

I have been thinking about combining my two blogs. Currently, my other blog is about my costume work and what I make for clients in my studio. this blog is about the art side of my life: the figurative art, the playing with textiles and photography. In reality, everything that goes on in my studio is part of my creative life.

I am one of the fortunate ones who gets to be creative 24/7. That can be a bit of a drain sometimes, as is maintaining two blogs. hence, my pondering. If I combine the two, my arty readers would have to put up with my costume ramblings; while my costume readers would learn more about what occupies the rest of my time. It's all part of the whole for me, so maybe it should be combined and end this duality, this schizoid existence!! perhaps I'd blog more often when combining content. Perhaps it wo0uld appear even more schizoid!!

I follow a few other blogs and see some diversity in these. Some folks, like Maggie Grey, are happy to tell you about their home renos while also telling you about their artistic endeavours. So, why not this combination?

I welcome your input, dear readers, as to what I should do.


  1. I have five blogs going at the present. One just stuff that interests me, one on dolls, one on the mice I make and two on my genealogical research. Gets a bit trying at times.

    I think you should combine both your blogs. Your costuming to me is textile art and craft and doll making you are dressing living dolls so to speak:)

  2. Please combine your blogs! I would find your costume work extremely interesting. And I know you are very busy, but how about another fabulous costume pattern for Annabella? I love her beautiful geisha costume and would enjoy making something else for her - sadly I can't draft patterns to save my life and am entirely at the mercy of very talented people who can. Ever have any interest in the 1830s? Or the 17th century? I've never seen anything available from either of those two time periods. Granted the styles were pretty outrageous but I've always thought they'd look great on cloth dolls.



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