Friday, July 15, 2011

Works in progress

It's when inspiration strikes, that you have to get to work. No matter that there are other works left undone, strike while the iron is hot! In this case, I thought of a way to create the dragon's claws.

I'm into dragons just now. It could be the coming Harry Potter movie, which has me all excited, or just that dragons are cool, in a hot kind of way. I wanted this one to have a decent wire armature. We learn as we go. I took Kate Church's class in May and she showed us how to wrap a wire joint with hockey tape, to make it stable. I was using floral tape and that seems to have worked just as well. Especially considering that felt work is light weight and the wire used not to heavy.

So that was step one. Then I wound the wool fibre around each wired toe to get my claws. I built them up , so that I can add the other colour later. Success. Last night I added basic fiber to the body and neck and added a stump for his head. Just the beginning.

It looks a bit duck-billed right now, but I wanted to have a decent open mouth roaring at me when it's done. I've added flaps for  lower jaws before and don't find them a satisfactory as a wired jaw. This morning I concluded that the pose will be one of rearing up, with his front legs in the air. So it will probably need a weight to help the pose. Out into the yard to find a stone...

Inspiration also struck while on a road trip. needle felting is great to do in the car. I made this head while away over the Canada Day weekend (July 1st for those non-Canadians!)

His eyes need the highlights, but I am pleased with his look. I picture this guy in 18th century costume, breeches and tail coat, perhaps looking down his nose at something. He may get a bit steam punk, but we'll see.

Here's the beginnings of his body -

I didn't have the right colours with me when I was away, so I'm just getting back to his creation now. I also must decide if he'll stand or sit. Standing requires planning...

Do you like dolls on stands or not? I'm in two minds myself.

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