Friday, July 29, 2011

Machine and Dragon

My Garage hound hubby found this for me last week. It's an old Singer treadle machine head, with a shuttle type bobbin. I doubt it works and the throat plate is missing, but it will be a fine prop in my studio! Now it needs a little table to sit on... Off you go, hubby! He loves a reason to hunt garage sales. Any idea how old it is?

The dragon had a little more work done this week. Body work, plus I shaped up his head and added eyes. I also began detailing his claws. The bum has a stone in it now, for weight, so he should hold his roaring pose.

I may take the lower jaw off, as I need to add a tongue first. You have to see a dragon's tongue when he's roaring! The head needs more skull, which I'll add along with horns. What colour should they be? I have decided on a green dragon, with red highlights. The Harry Potter dragon was grey and colorless, from being kept underground. This guys is wild and free!

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  1. Hubby is awesome! What a find! I love old Singers. I have a 15-91, made around the 30's, that's electric and just a straight stitch. Love it!!! I make all my dolls, quilts, clothes, etc. on it.

    Love the dragon! I'm looking forward to seeing him finished. ; )


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