Friday, June 10, 2011

Road trip

I'm blogging on the road this week, from Randolph Centre, Vermont. Don't ask me where that is near, I just followed the GPS until I arrived. I'm here at the Green Mountain Rug School to teach Needle felting. I call the class Fairy Tale Felt Folk, as we'll be making characters from fairy tales and folklore. Should be fun.

Pied Piper

I had an interesting journey. At the border, they asked if I had any fruit or veg, including snacks, so, being the honest person I am, I showed them my apple. "What kind is it?" I was asked. I didn't know, since I took the label off when  I washed it. Don't we all do that? This however, was an issue. Since the apple could not be identified, I was pulled over so they could look in my trunk. It didn't take long and since I didn't have a stash of fruit, they sent me on my way, minus my lovely organic apple. I was miffed.

Who can figure out the rules and thought process of customs officers? Perhaps they were bored.I also drove through a terrific thunder storm. It was like driving into a wall of water. Traffic slowed to a crawl. Why don't folks drive with their lights on? So much safer.

Safe and sound at Rug School, I am ready for a fun weekend with some fantastic folks!

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